Security Researchers Discover New 'WireLurker' Malware Affecting Macs and iOS Devices

Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks have released a new paper titled WireLurker: A New Era in iOS and OS X Malware, which includes details about a new piece of malware that is affecting both Mac and iOS systems.

WireLurker is a trojan that has reportedly been circulating in a number of pirated pieces of software in China over the past several months. The malware appears to only target 64-bit OS X devices.

When the user installs the pirated software on his/her machine, WireLurker waits until it has root permissions and then installs itself into the OS as a system daemon (which uses libimobiledevice). The daemon sits on your machine and waits patiently until an iOS device is connected to the desktop, at which point it compromises the trusted connection between your iOS device and your Mac. 

Microsoft Launches New Office Apps For iOS, Signup For Android Preview Today

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched its Office suite of apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on the iPad in an effort to bring the Office experience everywhere.

Today, the company has updated its iOS apps to support the iPhone. The update also brings additional features and functionality to the iPad versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In addition to expanding its apps to the iPhone, Microsoft has also decided to offer the core Office experience on iOS to all its users for free. This means that Office users will no longer be required to have an Office 365 subscription to access basic creation and editing features on iOS.

Apple Launches AppleCare for Enterprise with On-Site Support from IBM

Apple announced an enterprise partnership with IBM that would see IBM giving their employees iOS devices and creating enterprise quality applications for Apple's mobile platform. 

The Cupertino-based company has recently published a webpage for AppleCare for Enterprise, suggesting that a business level support plan is now available for IBM employees. 

Google Offering Inbox Invite to Everyone For One Hour Only, Starts at 6pm EST

If you’ve been waiting for an invite to Inbox, Google’s attempt to reinvent our email inbox, the company is giving anyone a chance to get an invite immediately.

In a tweet, the Inbox team at Google has posted directions on how to get your invite today, however you must act quickly. In order to get an invite by 5pm PST (8pm EST), send an email to between 3 and 4pm PST (6 and 7pm EST).

Google Working on AirDrop Competitor Codenamed 'Copresence'

A new report from Android Police suggests that Google is working on a new service, codenamed "Copresence," that will be a cross platform file transfer service between mobile devices. 

The service is a cross between Apple's AirDrop and Google's Android Beam. "Copresence" is said to use Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct to transfer files between two devices. The leak comes from information obtained by a tipster from new code buried in the latest version of Google Play Services.

Google Releases Gmail 5.0, Adds Material Design and Support For IMAP and Exchange

Google has started rolling up a major update to the Gmail app for Android. Gmail 5.0 brings support for Material Design, allowing it to blend in with all of the other apps Google has updated for Android 5.0 Lollipop. 

In addition to the UI changes, the company has also added support for other IMAP and Exchange accounts, making it really easy to manage all your email accounts from one app. In affect, this can be seen as a replacement for the stock Email app on Android. 

Microsoft Band Launches Today For $199, Works With iOS and Android

Today, Microsoft unveiled its first official entry into the wearable space. The Microsoft Band is a bluetooth fitness band that is not designed to replace your watch.

The device is packed with sensors, including an optical heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, skin temperature sensor, ambient light and UV light sensor, and a microphone that can be used with Cortana on Windows Phone.

The most interesting feature of the device is its ability to pair it with any device running Windows Phone 8.1, iOS 7.1 or later, or Android 4.3 or later. The device you are pairing it with must have Bluetooth LE.

Google Launches Email Replacement System 'Inbox', Invite-Only

Google has launched a new email system for Android, iOS, and PC. The app, called "Inbox by Google," is the company's attempt at a modern email client.

In the new system, messages are treated like todos where the system automatically groups messages into bundles based on their content and your filters. These bundles can be dismissed all at once, making email management even easier. The new email system includes the ability to set reminders and a "snooze" functionality for email (much like Mailbox).

Bash Shell Security Flaw Isn't Fixed Just Yet

The Bash Shell (Bourne Again Shell) is one of the most used utilities on any UNIX system.

Last week, the folks at Red Hat Security found a security vulnerability with the Bash shell. The vulnerability has been dubbed as Shellshock.

Before we discuss how the vulnerability works, lets talk about environment variables in Linux. Environment variable provides a way to influence the behaviour of the software on the system, which consist of a name with a value assigned to it.

The vulnerability takes advantage of a flaw with the way environment variables were implemented in Bash. The flaw allows an attacker to create an environment variable with specially created values, which can allow the attacker to run malicious code as soon as the shell is invoked.