Sony Sells its VAIO PC Business

Sony said it was "addressing various options" when it came to its VAIO PC and laptop division, and while announcing its financial results for Q3 2013, it's apparently come to a decision. The company is going to sell its PC business and VAIO brand to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). The final deal is set to be complete by the end of March.


The company has reported a drop in demand for its PC business. Sony did not have much to show from its VAIO range at CES last month.

During its earnings call CEO Kaz Hirai said "that it was an agonizing decision, and that it was "a very Sony brand... It stirred up the PC market." Sony will no longer be designing or developing PC products saying that it is shifting to focus on post-PC devices, like tablets and smartphones.

Through the end of this year, Sony will cut a total of 5,000 jobs worldwide, with the majority of the job cuts happening in Japan (1,500). The company will fulfill all of its aftercare warrantees on existing PCs.

During CES, Sony's focus was large high-end and 4K televisions and we should see the company making big announcements in this area.

[via Engadget]

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