Jerry Seinfeld on Smartphones and Texting: 'I could have called you and I chose not to.'

Jerry Seinfeld, the stand-up comedian, is back on air with his new (Internet-only) show 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.' This week, Seinfeld showed up on The Tonight Show and he talked about how we use our smartphones and how they've changed the way we communicate.

"That's your life, because of the people, right? That you need to stay in touch with that are so important. The people in your life, they're so important, aren't they? Yes. Really? They don't seem very important, not the way you scroll through their names in your contact list like a gay French king. 'Who pleases me today? Who shall I favor? Who shall I delete?'

And we call it a phone, but we don't really use it much as a phone, do we? No, we don't, because they gave us the option. Some years ago you were given the option when you want to communicate to another person: you could talk or you could type. Well once you had that option, well that took half a second — talking lost. Talking's over!"

Seinfeld is not entirely wrong, for example, Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp indicates that text message-style communication is very important to us these days.

[via YouTube]

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