Google's Project Tango: A Smartphone with Experiments with 3D Sensors to Map the World Around You

Today, Google announced Project Tango, an Android smartphone prototype device which has Kinect-like 3D sensors. The prototype device contains the Myriad 1 vision processor from Movidius, which allows for advanced motion and depth tracking.


The device is currently available to a limited group of developers. The smartphone that uses embedded sensor to track motion and build a map of your surroundings, along with many other features.

The brains behind Project Tango is Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team. The head of ATAP Johnny Lee was formerly apart of the Kinect team at Microsoft. He said:

"The prototype devices strives to give mobile devices a human-like understanding of space and motion...enabling new and enhanced types of user experiences."

ATAP is one of Google's most important holdovers of their acquisition of Motorola, which they later sold off, but they kept the patents and the Advanced Technology and Projects group.

[via Google Project Tango]

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