Tesla CEO Elon Musk Confirms 'Talks' with Apple, Say Any Acqisitions are "Very Unlikely"

Earlier this week various reports suggested that Apple had considered purchasing Tesla. Today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that his company "had conversations" with Apple.


Musk said that he could not comment on the details of the conversations, but he did confirm that, at the current time, the chances of any acquisitions are "very unlikely."

"If one or more companies had approached us last year about such things there's no way we could really comment on that. We had conversations with Apple, I can't comment on whether those revolved around any kind of acquisition," said Elon Musk during his interview with Bloomberg.

News of Apple's meeting with Musk first emerged last weekend, when the San Francisco Chronicle reported Musk had met with Adrian Perica, Apple's head of acquisitions, and possibly Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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