Galaxy S5 to Feature 5.2-inch Display, Swipe-Style Fingerprint Sensor, Improved Camera and Battery Life

Samsung is expected to release its next flagship smartphone on February 24th at their Unpacked event in Barcelona. According to reports from SamMobile, the device will indeed ship with a fingerprint sensor.


The latest reports point to the fingerprint sensor being integrated into the home button, just like Apple has done with Touch ID on the iPhone 5S. The sensor will reportedly use a swiping motion to register the fingerprint.

The sensor itself works in a swipe manner, which means that you would need to swipe the entire pad of your finger, from base to tip, across the home key to register your fingerprint properly. Also, you would need to keep your finger flat against the home key and swipe at a moderate speed or else it won’t recognise your fingerprint. The fingerprint sensor is sensitive to moisture, as well.

Similar to iOS 7, Samsung will reportedly allow users to store multiple fingerprints, allowing users to use any finger to unlock their device.

The Galaxy S5 is rumoured to included a 5.2-inch display with a higher resolution screen than the current Galaxy S4. The device will also feature an improved camera, better battery life, and it will start at a lower price point.

It is very likely that Samsung will also unveil a new Galaxy Gear smartwatch at their event next week.

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