iTunes Connect Update Brings Modern iOS 7-like User Interface

Today Apple has updated iTunes Connect to include a modern user interface for the Sales and Trends section. The update gives developers more detailed information about app sales, including breakdowns by category, region, and more.


Developers now have the ability to view sales of an app by territory, which platform/device the customer purchased it on, and category, giving them a better idea of how users are finding their apps in the App Store. Rene Ritchie from iMore says:

The lack of modern, useful reporting tools has been a source of developer complaints since developers have been able to complain. Given the size and value of the App Store, and the quantity of both developers and apps, iTunes Connects deserves the attention, and more. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

The modernized user interface, featuring a flatter iOS 7-type appearance, makes it a lot easier to narrow down your results to a specific time period, by simply dragging the sliders along the bottom of the graph.

The iTunes Connect Mobile iOS app did not receive an update alongside the website.

[via iTunes Connect (only developers have access)]

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