Microsoft Fixes Skype Message Sync Problems

If you use Skype frequently for messaging then the missed messages, out-of-sync chats, and blasts of old messages are a regular and irritating experience. Using Skype on multiple devices can be a real challenge, starting a conversation on your desktop or laptop and then continuing that conversation on a mobile device doesn't always work out as smoothly as we would like.

Microsoft promised to fix it and it's delivering on part of that commitment today. Microsoft admits:

"We know that as users have started using Skype on multiple devices, they’ve had difficulty keeping conversations in sync. We’ve been working hard to solve these issues while adding other experiences to make an improved Skype chat."

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has been providing updates for its Skype client on iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone. Providing you have the latest Skype app installed, you’ll no longer have issues syncing messages across multiple devices, or random notifications for old chat threads. 

The only problem they have yet to solve is preventing notifications from triggering across multiple devices, after they have already been viewed.

[via Skype Blog]

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