LG's webOS TV

LG has just announced their webOS based televisions. Tge user interface is designed to be much simpler at doing everyday tasks. LG says:

"webOS makes TV simple again."


LG is taking Netflix to the next level. Joining LG five years ago, the company was the first TV company to include their service into smart televisions.

House of Cards is coming to LG TV's in 4K.

LG's 105-inch curved LED TV with an 5,210 x 2,160 resolution will cost approximately $70,000. The 77-inch model of this TV will launch with a price tag of $29,999.

The 55-inch EA8800 LED 1080p TV will launch at a more reasonable price of $8,999. More models in the size range of 55-inch to 77-inch will be coming later this year.

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