Google Announces Frames and Shades for Glass, Available Today Starting at $225

Google has announced new designer frames for its smart glasses, Google Glass, via an update on that Google Glass website.


Google has created four different styles of the frame, including Spilt, Thin, Bold, and Curve, which are designed to fit the fashion taste of many shoppers. The pair of frames will add an additional $225 to the price of the glass, which already cost $1,500 for developers in the Explorer program.

Explorers can simply pick up a pair of new frames and attach their existing device to them. The frames will work with either clear or shaded lenses (an additional $150 is required for the tinted shades). The frames can be custom fitted at locations in San Francisco, LA, and New York City.

The new Glass glasses can hold lenses with up to either a +4 or -4 corrective factor, and they can also be bought with clear lenses with no corrective element at all, if you’re strictly in it for the fashion.

Google looks to be targeting a late 2014 launch for consumers.

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