Ahead of the Nexus 5, the iPhone 5C Offers the Most Storage Space Out of the Box

According to Which, Apple's iPhone 5C ranks first for offering the most out-of-the-box storage with 12.6GB, or 79 percent of the advertised 16GB of space. Not to far behind is the iPhone 5S with 12.2GB of space, representing 76 percent of the advertised space.


Coming in second place, in between the iPhone 5C and 5S, is the Google Nexus 5, with 12.28GB of free space, representing 77 percent of its advertised space.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in last place with a mere 8.56GB of free space out of the box, which equates to 54 percent of the advertised space. The limited space is often blamed on Samsung's TouchWiz UI with all of the unnecessary features and bloatware that it carries.

"For the Galaxy S4 16GB model," Samsung said in a statement, "approximately 6.85GB occupies [the] system part of internal memory, which is 1GB bigger than that of the Galaxy S3, in order to provide [a] high resolution display and more powerful features to our consumers."


One benefit the S4 has over Google's Nexus 5 and Apple's iPhone lineup is that its storage can be expanded with a micro SD card, which can add up to 64GB more space.

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