YouTube Launches New Video Quality Report in Canada

Have you ever experienced the rebuffering circle? Well, you are not the only one but Google intends to help you solve this problem. Today, YouTube launched the Video Quality Report in Canada which tells users exactly what kind of performance your ISP (Internet Service Provider) delivers and what other factors play a role.


Your ISP will normally quote their peek speeds in megabytes per second, but for normal users this does not mean anything. The fact of the matter is that you will never consistently get peek speeds from your ISP. YouTube has set out to use a simple test that provides you results that are easily understandable.

Our new report allows you to see exactly how your ISP and others in your region stack up against this standard.

  • If your ISP can consistently deliver HD-quality video (a resolution of at least 720p) without buffering or interruptions, we consider it HD Verified
  • If you can watch videos in Standard Definition (a resolution of at least 360p), your ISP is delivering Standard Definition performance. 
  • If videos load slowly or suffer frequent interruptions, even at resolutions lower than 360p, your ISP is delivering Lower Definition performance. 

The data found in the report is based on the billions of hours of videos watched every month. If you are curious about the methodology behind this report, check out the geeky details here

Check out how your ISP stacks up to the rest by getting your Video Quality Report from this link.

[via Google Canada]

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