Motorola Drops the Moto X to $399 Off-Contract

Motorola announced a new New Year's special, the Moto X's price will be dropped permanently to $399 off contract for the $16GB model on Moto Maker. You can also pick up the larger 32GB version for $449. The developer editions of the Moto X also received an equal price drop to $449.

The on-contract version of the device still remains at $99 on the Moto Maker site, though you can probably find it cheaper through a carrier. The bamboo backed devices will have a $10 dollar premium.

The price cuts make the Moto X come within only $50 of the Nexus 5, so if you are looking for a low price off-contract phone, the Moto X may be just what you are looking for.

[via Motorola Blog]

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