BBM Will Bring in Revenue says BlackBerry CEO

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen is yet again announce his plan to take the company forward. He says he is focused on what BlackBerry will be today and in the future, not on its past. This isn't the first time Chen was called in to try and save a failing company and he believes he can do it again.

Chen points to all the strengths of BlackBerry, like BBM, their enterprise software, and QNX, which he plans to take and use as an advantage.

Over 40 million users have signed up for BBM on iOS and Android since its launch. The company will continue to ride out the success of BBM and add new features, turning it into a "revenue stream" in the coming years.

It has yet to be seen how BlackBerry plans to turn BBM, currently a free service, into a money making platform. Finally, Chen says he is committed to the hardware marked saying their partnership with Foxconn will lead to major strides in emerging markets.

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