Report: Samsung Planning to Launch Apple Pay Competitor

Samsung is in talks with mobile payments startup LoopPay to build a service that will compete with Apple Pay, reports RecodeThe mobile payment service will allow users of certain Samsung devices to use NFC to make a payment at a participating store.

Getting into the mobile payments space is crucial for Samsung. LoopPay is an interesting partner choice, however, the report notes that the deal is not final and may still fall apart.

Microsoft Working on a Streaming Game Service Codenamed 'Arcadia'

According to a report from ZDNet, Microsoft is continuing its research and development with streaming app and games on Windows.

The new service, codenamed "Arcadia" which references a planet in the Halo game series, will be able to stream apps and games to Windows. The report suggests that the new streaming service will act as a way for customers to access additional apps that aren't available on Windows and Windows Phone.

TYLT VU Qi Wireless Charger Review

The TYLT VU is a wireless charger that works with all Qi-compatible devices. The wireless charger has an innovative three coil system, which means it can charge a smartphone or tablet of any size at any angle.

The TYLT VU is available from the company’s website in four colours, including black, blue, red, and green, and costs $69.99. Shipping the device to Canada will set you back an additional $30.

TTC Expands Free Wi-Fi To Union, King, Queen, and Dundas Stations

BAI Canada and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) have announced that free Wi-Fi is now available at Union, King, Queen, Dundas stations.

The four stations join, Bloor-Yonge, Wellesley, College, St George, and Bay stations on the list of subway stations equipped with free Wi-Fi. Users can access the free Wi-Fi hotspot by choosing “TCONNECT” on their device. Then, the user must click connect on the TCONNECT welcome page in their browser.

The TTC plans to implement the free Wi-Fi service at 18 stations, which encompasses the lower loop plus Spadina station, by the first quarter of 2015. The rollout to the 18 stations is expected to be up and running for the Toronto 2015 Pan AM Games.

Amazon's Fire Phone is Now Available for $199 Unlocked

After Amazon announced poor quarterly results, which consisted of a $170 million loss and that the company has $83 million of unsold devices in its warehouses, the company has decided to lower the cost of its flagship smartphone.

Amazon customer can now purchase an unlocked Fire Phone for $199 (down from $449). At a savings of $250, the company is still offering a year's free Prime subscription ($99 value) with the purchase of the smartphone.

Facebook Launches New Standalone ‘Groups’ App For iOS and Android

Today, Facebook has announced a new app for iOS and Android called “Facebook Groups.” The app is designed to let Facebook users access and interact with any Facebook groups they have joined.

According to the blog post from the social networking giant, the new dedicated Groups app is designed to help people share content quickly and easily with all of their groups. The app brings forward some of the group-specific features that are buried in the standard Facebook app.

Amazon Unveils Echo, A Speaker That Doubles As Your Voice Assistant

Today, Amazon unveiled a new product called Echo, a cylindrical speaker that doubles as your Google Now / Siri-like voice assistant that is able to answer a variety of questions and perform various functions.

The cloud connected device is controlled using only voice input and will wake when you say the word "Alexa." Like Google Now and Siri, the device can answer questions about the time and weather, as well as perform tasks like playing music or taking a note.